Save the date September 6, 2024



This year holds particular significance due to several milestones: Lithuania commemorates 20 years in the European Union, 10 years in the Eurozone, and 25 years of collaborative achievements between foreign and local investors in the country through organization Investors’ Forum.

In the contemporary landscape, where geopolitics, technology and demography are sculpting new realities, the conference will delve into the challenges modern economies, future of the democracies, biotechnology and research achievements, emerging technologies, evolving trends in wealth generation.

The thematic focus of the conference encompasses four primary areas of discourse:
  • New Realities for Advanced Economies
  • Geopolitics - Is the cradle of democracy collapsing?
  • Longevity and Biohacking
  • Future of Investments

Futurescape 2024 aims to bring together regional and global leaders from the business, public sector, politics, and the scientific community. This platform provides an opportunity for thought leaders to converge and share their insights on pivotal topics shaping the future.

Why now and why in Vilnius?

Why now and why in Vilnius? As our economies recover from the pandemic at the same time facing new dangers, disruption and Europe’s largest refugee crisis caused by the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the policy focus is shifting to supply chain disruptions and rising energy prices, along with the challenges of inflation and food security, while the alarming clock of climate change is ticking more loudly. Being on the crossroad between the West and the East, Vilnius is uniquely placed as a hub for dialogue and sharing ideas. Leading thinkers, economists and activists will convene at a two-day conference for a creative exchange of ideas and shaping a vision for the future.

Organisers of the conference

The conference is organised by the Association “Investors’ Forum” in partnership with Vilnius University, YPO and Go Vilnius. The conference will be opened by the President of Lithuania His Excellency Gitanas Nausėda. The programme was inspired by the world known humanist, a leading expert on economy and governance, Israel Prize 2020 winner prof. Avishay Braverman.
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